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about yixing fur

An reliable comprehensive enterprise integrating international trade, fur processing and OEM manufacture.

YIXING FUR PRODUCTS CO., LTD was established in the year 1999 and is today, one of the largest factories in Asia largest sheared-sheepskin processing base--- Mengzhou Fur City,China. Covering 18,000 square meters, it has 300 capable clerks with an annual capability of 1 million pcs sheepskins. To ensure the product quality, reduce the costs and guarantee the engineering safety.YIXING no only equipped itself with modern devices such as fleshing machine, ironing machine, drum, clipping machine etc, but also develop product research to meet the market.

Yixing Fur Products specialized in Australian sheepskin shearling since 1999
All Yixing's sheepskin products are selected from best Australian sheepskin with tense wool

Our ancestors had been in this field since Ming dynasty, up to now YIXING has developed into an international enterprise with one-stop service and expanded itself into 3 main businesses: trade, tan and manufacture.
INTERNATIONAL TRADE: YIXING provide Australian wet salted goat skin for leather in a competitive price.
PROFESSIONAL TAN: Specialized in sheepskin and kangaroo skin, YIXING mainly provide materials for footwear and clothing industry. High quality shearling shoe lining, double face for shoes and garments, garment lining, mouton, double face kangaroo skin etc are all available for your demand.
OEM MANUFACTURE: based on our own tannery, YIXING offer OEM service of footwear, home deco, automotive accessories, toys etc.

The Craft of Sheepskin

international trade of wet salted sheep hide and skin

1.Wet salted selecting

Sheepskin for YIXING all selected from high quality Australian wet salted ones. To ensure the quality, according to the wet salted sheepskin features, YIXING workers will first sort them into different classes.

wet salted sheepskin fleshing and scouring during processing

2.fleshing & scouring

After some basic processing, YIXING sheepskins are put under the fleshing machine to take away any excess fat and muscle tissue from the underside of the sheepskins. Then surfactants are used under high temperatures to remove any remaining dirt and lanolin from the wool.

fur pickling during sheepskin materials' tanning

3. pickling

This step helps stabilizing the skin structure and preventing rotting. Pickling of sheepskins including soaking and adding salt. YIXING conform International regulations and norms what forbidden substances and chemicals are concerned. YIXING devoted itself to environmentally friendly and healthy fur products.

sheepskin tanning methods:processing toggling and drying

4. togging & drying

In this processing, YIXING sheepskins have to go through drying, wetting back, staking, buffing, high temperature degreasing and finally togging and drying again. Every steps are under strict control.

Yixing fur products tanning steps: sheepskin tanning and clipping

5. ironing & shearling

To remove tangles, burrs or grass seed, YIXING workers use ironing machine to straighten the wool, also clipping machine is used to create wool pile at a desired thickness. Up to this step, the sheepskin has become crust and can be used for further processing.

 sheepskin materials tanning process: shearling, dry-cleaning and retanning

6. dry-cleaning & retanning

The following steps are for specific sheepskin products like shoe upper, mouton, double face for garments etc. Dry-cleaned by air dryers, A final removal of pelt grease is undertaken to minimize staining of wool. Synthetic tanning agents are then used to make the pelts to be more firm and full. Lastly, the sheepskin is dried again.

sheepskin tannery's tanning process: dyeing

7. dyeing

The sheepskin can be dyed with any colors after tanned. Avaliable Colors in YIXING are Black,Nutria, Dark brown, Pink, Bone, Bleached, white,Deep red,Olive green,Medium grey, Deep cream. The color can be made according to the customer's swatch.

finished sheepskin shearling materials ready for use


After drying, the sheepskins should be re-dried, wet back, stretched. To make the wool more smooth and glossy, YIXING workers will iron the sheepskin and finally clip the wool at customers’ demand. Though different processing method, YIXING provide customers high quality sheepskin shoe lining, double face sheepskin for garments and footwear, shearling garment lining, mouton etc.

all YIXING's sheepskin shearling products are under strictly quality control

9. Testing

Having exported for about 2 decades, YIXING strictly stick to quality control and environmentally friendly processing. We assure that all YIXING fur products confirm International standards. and test certificates are available for customers if needed.