raw hide skin

raw hide skin

Selected salted lambskins & sheepskins All our raw lambskins and sheepskins are preserved by drum-salting. So these selected lamb and sheep skins are also called “drum-salted” or “wet salted”lambskins and sheepskins. Different types of wet salted lambskins and sheepskins are selected to match clients’ requirements. Mainly in 3 kinds: Spring lambskins, shorn lambskins and sheepskins.

Spring Lambskins

also known as “sucker lambskin” or “new season lambskins” these lambskins are salted skins from lambs that have not been shorn. Used as materials of premium products such as decorative floor rugs, double face garments and footwear, car seat covers, wool duster etc. The supply of Spring lambskins typically starts from August to December.

  • * Wool Lengths: 1.5"-2"(38mm-50mm), 2"-3"(50mm-76mm), 3"-4"(76mm-100mm)
  • *Average size:7-8sqft/piece
  • * skins remain natural shape and good size. Different levels of Spring lambskins are available to meet differential market demands.

raw hide skin of Yixing Fur Products
Yiixng fur products is one of the largest tanneries in Asia largest sheared-sheepskin processing base

Shorn Lambskins

Shorn lambskins are lambskins which have been shorn at least once before slaughter. Used for car seat covers, garments, shoe linings, bed blankets, paint rollers,collar trim etc. The supply of Shorn lambskins are from December to August.

  • * Wool length:¼” (6mm) - 3” (75mm)
  • * Average size:7.5-8.5sqft/piece
  • * Tense wool shorn lambskins are selected to make outstanding finished products.


Selected from mature sheep which are shorn for many times, and can be materials of shearling shoe lining, garment lining, car seat covers, sheepskin harness, double face garments, buffing pad etc. All year round in supply.
* Wool length depend on season and time of shearling.

raw hide skin of Yixing Fur Products

International trade Goat skin for leather.

The Australian rural landscape is uniquely suited to sheep, with the relatively mild climate extending over vast areas of natural grassland. Most goat skins are used as leather, as the fur is of no value. Approximately 60-70% of tanned goat and kid skins are used as shoe upper material with the balance used in the manufacture of fancy goods, bookbinding, clothing and women dress gloves.
Origin: Australia
Average size: 4-5 sqft/piece